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Hey Mike (Amanda too),
Welcome to our forum.

Looks like you're very fresh on the scene and a clean slate (which I got to write on first, woo-hoo!). The best way to get started (IMO) is to read, read, read (and post your thoughts, questions, and concerns as they arise). We have a Golden Nuggets board that's very good for introducing you to the basics. Also there's a Dating & Friendships subforum, should you feel inclined to start looking around for friends and/or dates right away. But as I said, I'd recommend learning a lot about polyamory first, before diving too deep into the deep end of the pool.

A couple of additional (offsite) resources that might be good to take a look at:

"Opening Up," a book by Tristan Taormino;
Franklin Veaux's poly pages.

Have a look around on our site; tap into our search and tag search engines; lots of collective wisdom here from many points of view, so it's a good place to accumulate a broad view of the landscape ahead. I wish you guys the very best and am glad you could join us.

Kevin T.
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