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"Just please sure that you change anything about yourself because you also desire to change and not simply to please someone else when you have no desire to change."
Aww, I'm pretty indifferent about my facial hair. Especially since the lady handles all the trimming arrangements. All I have to do is go along for the ride.

I will say that when I got off my (LDS/Mormon) mission many a moons ago, after almost two years of (literally) religious shaving and trimming, I made a stubborn point to let that hair grow naturally for quite awhile. My mom was rather opposed to that, which built up to quite a source of friction after awhile. Good Latter-day Saints shave.

I've been out of the church for more than a decade, so I guess that friction has finally worn away. In my large collection of years lived so far, I've sported every kind of facial look one can imagine (include a few perty shaggy looks). Guess I got all those expressions out of my system ... so now I'm all complacent and stuff. My loss? Nah. Short hair is convenient. And I'm still too scruffy to be a good Latter-day Saint.

Back in the days when I was managing my own hair-cutting, I'd let it grow and grow and finally take it all off at once. So I'd be basically bald for awhile, then eventually get all shaggy again.

"Why waste all your time and effort on hate all the time?"
Aww, I don't hate my spidery hairs (If I did I'd be much more obsessive about removing them, such as by waxing), I just find them mildly annoying and would use a magic wand on them if I had one.

Certainly doesn't keep me up at night. I'm okay with accepting that humans have evolved to be furry creatures, I just have a "friendly competition" going with some of my own hairs. I'll pluck a dozen or so here and there, and take satisfaction at the results after several months. After all, I have to have something to go "grrr" at.

Now for those who like to grow their fur, I say godspeed. It's diversity at a small cost, which I think is worth it.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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