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When the dr was ordering my STD tests, I noticed tests for HSV1 and 2 weren't even on the form. There were tests for just about every disease you could think of on the form, but not those. He had to write them in. So, since miss pixi goes to the same clinic, and she's asked to be tested for "everything" but never specifically herpes, my guess is she's never actually been tested for it.

In other news, Mischa's one interest, that I called a "potential," who broke up with her after her diagnosis, I found out yesterday they have actually already dated and had sex. It was his wife that she was considering also becoming involved with. Turns out they all hot tubbed together last weekend, so all is not lost.

Ginger has made an appointment for a physical in January and plans to get tested for STDs + herpes then. I suggested he get tested sooner, since if he has HSV1 and 2, all this worry about Mischa will be moot. But he said he didn't want to. So I let him be. Personally I'd want to know sooner, but it's his choice.
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