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Hi everyone

Spent a few days creeping on the forum before actually piping up here. Here is a quick hello, who were are, & how we came to consider ourselves members of this community. Forgive me if I get some of the language wrong - we have only been "out" for about 2 weeks (though we always knew this was a path we would step foot upon together).

I am Sev, 30 y/o cisgender omni female, married to Angie, 24 y/o cis-female, for 4 years. Love of my life. If there has ever been a pair of soulmates on this planet, may I present us for your approval

We live in Massachusetts & have only just begun "dating". Which means that we kind of accidentally had a threesome with a young male friend & realized - now is the time.

Something always just felt...right about poly, since Ang & I met . Love is something that I had to learn. My wife, however, is one of those rare & beautiful human beings to whom love & loving comes so naturally. So sharing that with other people simply seems like a natural progression, or extension, of the love we share & the bond we have. Also, sex is pretty cool, too

So currently we are in a kind of informal quad with another married couple now (m/f, hetero/bi) with whom I have been dear dear friends with for about a decade. It is new, exciting, & comfortable, so far. I feel confident, the wife feels confident, & we feel sexier & more in love than ever.

I keep expecting this all to blow up in my face AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT NOW!!!

So that's me. Like I said, we are brand new to this community, & have some catching up to do.
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