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kdt26417, "Ha-ha, you're a braver man than I. I'd look weird as a "hippy," hair down to my butt. My beard also has a bad habit of growing *under* my chin instead of *on* my chin. Don't grow much of a mustache even when I let it have free reign, which I don't anymore anyway cause my "lady hinge" prefers her men clean shaven. As a compromise, she lets me sport "Miami Vice stubble" or a "hair" longer."

Just please sure that you change any thing about yourself because you also desire to change and not simply to please some one else when you have no desire to change.~

"I personally fancy short, well-manicured beards but gosh they're so hard to keep up. Now as for the rest of my fur, I could take some of it, and leave some of it. My forearms have my favorite bodily fur, it's very fine and distinguished-looking if I may say so."

I don't like "shaping" any of my fur through trimming or cutting, only gel in the past.~ I either shave all of my head face included or I don't touch it with a blade.~ All or nothing kind of guy you could say.~

"Elsewhere I have wiggly black spider hairs that I'd love to banish forever. Such as on my shoulders and some of my back. My lower legs aren't bad; upper legs are a bit chaotic in some areas. Maybe I could take or leave that, but basically everything from chest to genitals I'd have done away (if I wasn't so chicken and lazy). Spider hair, wiggly hair, awkward hair, overly long hair, etc. etc. there's a crazy mix of such undesirables all over the place.."

I love these little guys on me!~ ^_^ I don't know why Humanity hates every single little thing, all that time and wasted effort for nothing.~ Why waste all your time and effort on hate all the time?~ I will spend my life being happy, every one else can have "fun" hating every thing they until they die a bitter old person cursing the dirt as they put them in it.~

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