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I miss him.
It makes no difference that he is gone for work and not another lover...
Actually.... I think it does. Its worse. At least were he with another love I would feel good about him taking care of them. But he isn't. He is alone every night too. For a job.

Life is going well. Finished my first (of 3) tests for abnormal
Psych. Graded the 1st of 3 tests for the stats students. Turned in 2 papers for social psych. 5 to go and a group project for that class (and 3 tests).

GG is having some issues with work demands and family demands. Its heating up. He was hired for a set schedule and on call
For emergencies. But the newer boss is pressing for him to work a rotating disasterous schedule with 12-14 hr shifts instead of 8-10.
Its going to blow up one way or another. Either the boss will get educated by higher ups and get off his high horse or GG will be seeking employment elsewhere.
The kids are all well. We are spending lots of time together. We got new walking shoes today before going to the pool.
Friday I took them to Olive Garden.
Yesterday we walked to town (3.5 mi) for drinks at a coffee shop and browsed the toy store before walking home.

Tomorrow is piano lesons, go check out some sportycar the 13 yo wants to see and grab a new snowsuit for the grandbaby before crammin on school again.

No idea when Maca will be home next and no idea when GG's schedule will lighten up. Currently I am gone for school before he wakes and long asleep before he returns.
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