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Ha-ha, you're a braver man than I. I'd look weird as a "hippy," hair down to my butt. My beard also has a bad habit of growing *under* my chin instead of *on* my chin. Don't grow much of a mustache even when I let it have free reign, which I don't anymore anyway cause my "lady hinge" prefers her men clean shaven. As a compromise, she lets me sport "Miami Vice stubble" or a "hair" longer.

I personally fancy short, well-manicured beards but gosh they're so hard to keep up. Now as for the rest of my fur, I could take some of it, and leave some of it. My forearms have my favorite bodily fur, it's very fine and distinguished-looking if I may say so.

Elsewhere I have wiggly black spider hairs that I'd love to banish forever. Such as on my shoulders and some of my back. My lower legs aren't bad; upper legs are a bit chaotic in some areas. Maybe I could take or leave that, but basically everything from chest to genitals I'd have done away (if I wasn't so chicken and lazy). Spider hair, wiggly hair, awkward hair, overly long hair, etc. etc. there's a crazy mix of such undesirables all over the place. I'd shave my armpits too if I wasn't so lazy. Who needs a big shock of black hair, we're not living in the Arctic.

TL/DR: It would appear that I don't mind looking like an alien too much. Yes, a nice, smooth, rubbery alien. That's the life for me.
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