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The OP is very much playing the martyr in, her situation..

* They have the need to be a victim and complain always and relentlessly.
* They take little initiative in trying to fixing any complaint.
* If any problem is solved, but in a different way than what*they proposed, the problem still exists, as far as they are concerned.
* If any problem is solved according to their solution, they will find another problem to complain about.
* If any problem is solved, it is because they complained about*it.
* They complain about problems that do not concern them in the*least.
* They do not appreciate any good things being*done.
* They lie and twist facts to prove their*point.
* They selectively forget, ignore or avoid any facts that may conflict with their*point.
* They resort to name-calling when everything else*fails.

I am not saying that the OP is guilty of all of these. But I could see them being applied IF we knew the whole story.

Right now we are only getting HERS. There is also his aside
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