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Marcus-my exact request was for no forward steps to her being brought to our home for a couple of weeks. I never have asked that either of my partners step back from a relationship. I didnt ask that they even not see each other. I didnt want her around me.
She did absolutely start a smear campaign. Since I refused to participate, it ended up becoming a situation (after almost a year of pointed harassment) where I had to consult an attorney about filing a restraining order.
Mind you, she was not ever invited to our home in that time because after her nastiness erupted the first week, GG was not ok with her being there either. Maca was unhappy with the behavior, but kept trying to talk it out with her to resolve things. It took him 8 months to decide it was hopeless.
And as a reminder, this is someone he was not dating. They met for coffee, had dinner and introduced each other to friends/family. But she made it clear before meeting me that she wasnt interested in dating him or being sexually involved.
She was angry aabout feeling like my request to not have her in my home (she had only ever been there one time) infringed on her rights as a potential FRIEND.
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