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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
My obligations to my family (children and spouse) work and school come first. if I meet someone they get fit around that schedule. For instance, I work 3 nights a week, I have 4 nights at home. N and I agreed that we would each only spend the night 1 night a week elsewhere, that would give us 2 night a week together as a family. I think that is reasonable. if another partner had an issue with that then it's a shame because it's not something I'm willing to change.
What if the new partner wants to negotiate for another sleepover? Would you consider the new partner spending the night at your place? (Kids might make that unrealistic depending on how you handle introducing partners to your kids)

Maybe a hypothetical would work. Say the kids are spending the summer with the grandfolks. Would it then be something that could be negotiated where your partner could spend a night with you at your home? Or where your spouses partner could spend a night at your home (while you are working)? Or since the kids are not home maybe increase the overnight outside the home?
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