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Default Why??

Ok so if you are mono and your partner is poly what exactly are you gtg out of them being in a relationship with new people? While they are experiencing new firsts and all the excitement of being with someone new what are you gtg out of it really? I have no problem with alone time or keeping myself busy or appreciating time without my husband around but while he is mtg someone new with the same interests as him, sharing new experiences, making new memories what am I am gtg out of it?? I am just curious what others feel they are gtg out of being in a relationship with a poly person who is mtg new people, having new firsts while you are home taking care of the kids or out shopping or doing whatever to not think or overthink what they are doing? Many times I have come to conclusion or answer to that question being that person should be single. If you want to date, meet new people, have multiple relationships maybe you are trying to live as a single person while still keeping hold of that person you don't want to let go of. But is that fair??
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