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Hi NeedsToSpeak,
Welcome to our forum.

Interesting profile; I wonder do you live in Ireland or have you had a chance to visit there? Me I am a Seattle-phile personally.

You're automatically a friend of me if you have three cats. Love those little rascally guys ...

"Sometimes I think that I should be much more than this, and I struggle to become what society expects me to be, but this is the throwing off of my shell, the admittance that I don't rightly fit in any one category."
That's the spirit, don't let them get them down for just being you. Sometimes we just try too hard in life, and life is too short for that, there are simple pleasures to be enjoyed and appreciated along the way. (Alas that I didn't learn that when I was much younger.)

Re: jealousy ... it's a strange animal, sometimes you can knock it out, and sometimes not. Sometimes it's not meant to knocked out; it can be a warning light that something is in fact amiss in the "relationship situation" and as you said, you want to be able to feel and express your emotions. Having said that, yes, it is important to be able to feel compersion, and we don't want jealousy to get in the way of that. We could get all semantic and say well maybe it's just envy and sometimes it is ... all depends on the situation.

In any case, there's a lot on this site you can learn from, lots of good posts to read and I imagine lots of posts for you to add. Keep sharing your thoughts, questions, and concerns, and post an extra post sometimes if your thread gets forgotten (it can happen cause it's such a busy site). I also recommend something like doing a search (or how about a tag search) for "jealousy," "compersion," etc.

Glad to have you aboard.
Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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