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Originally Posted by drtalon View Post
At lots of poly (and kink) socials I've attended, we don't even discuss poly (or kink). We're just people meeting up with people talking about whatever is relevant to us, which is only sometimes poly (or kink).

I'm always surprised that so many people think attending a social is a big deal, as if the other people attending the social aren't just regular people, too. We're all just regular people and lots of us don't want to discuss personal, intimate stuff at socials in public, either.
drtalon, thanks for the insight. Not having attended any such social event before, I was guessing that in this case topics touching on each other's poly challenges and successes would naturally arise even if unplanned. It may be more comforting to me at least if it were a conventional social gathering where no one discussed the subject, and leave learning to other sources such as this forum.

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