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I'm angry. No denying that. I don't care how she feels about me. What did me in was when I found out how she really felt and what she thought about my kids. She never loved them, and every time she spent time with them it was contrived and another way to grate my gears. She wanted me out at any cost. Instead of being real about it, she chose to be a cowgirl. Just as I suspected, she taught my kid to call her mummy. That wasn't my kid's choice. My kid got attached to her and got hurt in the crossfire. This best thing that came of this is my kid turned her back on her and hasn't looked back. She used my kids as a way to piss me off. They were road blocks in her path. She was a cowgirl, and she was going to knock anybody out of the way including two innocent kids. It's going to take time before my anger calms down.

I don't feel bad for her. She knew what it was when she got involved. My wife was honest about everything from one day wanting kids to what her profession was going to be and how much time it was going to take to get there. She just completed the fellowship in June and has attained the certification to work in her field this year. We've been married 11 years. Her ex-girlfriend was polyamorous until the late 2000s. She had other partners before, during, and after she met my wife. I couldn't tell you how many. She and I weren't cool like that.

I've been a permanent fixture since 1999. I was there before her, so she didn't walk blindly in to this. She had years of experience with polyamory under her belt. She knew what she was doing was wrong. She didn't care who she hurt. As a result, she lost my kids and my wife. Sucks to be her, but if she couldn't handle it, she could've left. My wife tried to treat her like a co-primary and viewed her as one. She gave her access to the kids and spent as much time as the kids and her career allowed. It wasn't much, but that's the nature of the beast with professions like ours. She had plenty of opportunities. She handled her envy or jealous wrong, and she has to live with that. Her problem. Not mine or my kids.
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