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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Sorry, but I'm a little confused by this statement.

If taking a new relationship to the sexual level is not important then why is this an issue? Do you think he would be concerned if you had a deep non-sexual relationship? Monogamous couples can have deep outside friendships.

I agree polyamory is not all about sex, but polyamorous relationships involve sexual intimacy.

Seeing how this is not about sex, what do you really want from these new relations and why would he object if you simply said "I won't have sex"?
well no see he thinks i want to be this way so i can have sex with women because i infact have a boob fetish, but i tried to explain to him that I don't want that. Infact in anytime that sex becomes invovled i wouldn't want to do it without him because i don't feel satisfied with out hum on the other hand i could give a damn what he does cause it wouldn't make me jealous or anything. To me i want my relationships to be about a strong bond rather than sexual gain. The idea of my husband holding me and me holding someone else or visa versa just makes me happy inside
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