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Default Hello World

Good Evening everyone

I am not new to polyamory, but I am new to this site. I looked for it because I've been having some issues working through my own emotions. I'm working on knocking out jealousy, developing authentic compersion and allowing myself to feel and express my emotions.

But that's just me right now. I'm generally enjoying exploring the world of polyamory, and coincidentally the world of kink, it's amazing how much the two worlds overlap and even support each other.

My favorite color is green, I love Ireland, I have 3 cats, I wish I was able to watch the new Dr Who episodes and I'm essentially a geek, but I can get into any sport I am plopped down in front of. Sometimes I think that I should be much more than this, and I struggle to become what society expects me to be, but this is the throwing off of my shell, the admittance that I don't rightly fit in any one category.

So hello and good evening and nice to meet you!
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