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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
I don't understand and comprehend Friendship as something to be maintained and in regular contact with. Do you ask the stream to stay to be your friend? Do you ask the wind not to dance away so that you may be friends? Friendship and love are not things to keep, not for me, the stream and the wind may come and go as they please and I may or may not ever see them again but we will always be friends and maybe lovers. You could stay with me if you wanted to, but I would not expect it of you and please don't expect it of me. The point is to stay with each other if we want to, not because it is expected of us.
You're absolutely right. "Expect" wasn't a good choice of word. And in fact I don't necessarily need regular contact with my friends. What I was trying to say was: With true friends, I care about them and actively want to maintain our bonds, even if we don't meet or talk very often. And I'd be sad if they cut off ties with me. With acquaintances or casual friends, I don't feel an emotional attachment to them, and if our life paths take us to different places, I probably won't miss them and won't mind if they don't talk to me anymore.

In short:
True friends: I want (but don't expect) our friendship to last a lifetime.
Acquaintances/casual friends: It won't hurt me at all if they don't want to hang out with me anymore.

Of course, there are some people in between as well. But most people I know are closer to the acquaintances category.
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