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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
Yeah, that's part of the reason A, L and I don't use boyfriend/girlfriend to refer to one another. We're just too different from people's common perception of boyfriend/girlfriend. Plus, because our relationships are non-sexual and in the grey area between platonic and romantic, even putting the assumption of exclusivity and (eventual) domestic partnership aside, we still don't think boyfriend/girlfriend is a fitting title for us.

However, I refer to G as my husband, because we're indeed legally married. If it makes sense to tell people we're poly, we'll tell them.

For me, a typical kind of shallow friendships is friendships primarily based on proximity and/or convenience. My "friendships" with some people at school are in this category. We get along okay; we help each other with schoolwork; we work together in our research; we meet up for dinner once in a while. But when we're together, we mostly have small talk about school, food, latest TV shows, etc. We don't have shared life philosophy. We don't have a deep intellectual or emotional connection. I don't think of them if we haven't met up for a while. When we're not in the same school anymore in the future, I don't expect us to keep in touch regularly or at all. I consider them (good) acquaintances or casual friends at most. But YMMV.
I don't understand and comprehend Friendship as something to be maintained and in regular contact with. Do you ask the stream to stay to be your friend? Do you ask the wind not to dance away so that you may be friends? Friendship and love are not things to keep, not for me, the stream and the wind may come and go as they please and I may or may not ever see them again but we will always be friends and maybe lovers. You could stay with me if you wanted to, but I would not expect it of you and please don't expect it of me. The point is to stay with each other if we want to, not because it is expected of us.
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