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This was the first time he didn't offer a "makeup date." Mostly, he says, because I had let him know I could stop by to see him for a couple hours Friday afternoon while my daughter was at a birthday party. This to me was a bonus time, but he saw it as sufficient to take the place of an entire 10 am to overnight date. Um, no. We are on the same page now - or at least understand each other better. His friend apparently does need some boost time, and it is because of me. He doesn't approve of M having a girlfriend, or at least M thinks that is the issue, and so he wants to have a couple of bro days to hang out and talk about it. This is his best friend. I wish he had said so from the get go - I would still have been upset, but not as emo. He promises that things will be discussed more thoroughly in the future.

So, I am ok. And I am still going to get the overnight part of Wednesday, so that is good. Even though I'm on my period, I still want snuggle time.
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