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Well I have listened and he says that he just wants more of a good thing which is this third person. Which I understand but I find myself having a hard time finding anything that another woman has to offer me besides sex.
Polly, I suspec that she could offer you friendship. If your personalities don't mesh, that's another issue entirely from one of gender.

Another question...Is it fair to be involved in this if I know that I will never have a love for this third person like I have a love for my husband? That I dont see myself ever telling them I love them only that I could care deeply but not love.

FYI...both parties know this and think that my feelings will change but I disagree.
It's okay to be unsure how you will feel in the future, or to be wrong if you are sure. It's also okay to tell your husband you aren't interested in picking up a girlfriend yourself. It's even okay to tell him he can have a girlfriend without sharing her with you, IF you're okay with that. From what little you've said here, I wonder if that might be a healthier set-up.

Good luck, and please correct me if any of my assumptions are in error!
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