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M and I ended up spending the entire afternoon together - I just got home. I think we both understand each other's positions better now, thank goodness. I seriously love this guy something wonderful. We mostly hung out at the park, just sitting, snuggling and talking. I told him pretty much everything I had written, last night, and we talked a bunch about it all. I feel like we are in a better place.

It is crazy to me to think how at the start of being poly, I was convinced I would have no issues with scheduling, because I am a calendar wizard. I never thought about my partner throwing a wrench in the works! Hopefully from now on we will have a smoother time of things.

When I am with M, I spend a lot of time just being overwhelmed by his presence - he is that intoxicating to me. How this man finds me to be a perfect fit for him, I dunno, but he is great for me.

He told me if there is one thing he dislikes about me is that I am "a pretty, pretty princess." He said he could never treat me like my husband does - apparently he thinks my husband does everything for me and treats me like a queen. Well, yeah, he does. But I am not asking M to do any of those things - which he acknowledges. He just wanted me to know he thinks D does too much for me. I thought he was going to say he dislikes my insecurity, so this was sort of a surprise.
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