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Thanks so much for all your sage advice. I've been doing that, just talking about it less, and the tension is gone. We're enjoying time together and he's not getting the feeling (that my questions were giving him) that my affection for him is overcompensation. Things are back to feeling more natural.

I scheduled a trip for a few months from now and talked to him about it and he took the time to assure me he was alright without me having to ask directly, so I feel we're really Getting Somewhere.

I never really thought about the trust issue from the angle of me trusting him to come to me, but it's a really good point. I will try to think of it that way. He does tend to bottle things up, but I've got to say, he's been really good about talking about this. Every day that passes has me feeling a little bit better about it. I expect a relapse when I return from my vacation weekend, but I feel now that I can manage my end of the bargain.
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