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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
This was a tricky poll for me to answer because I've never "sung" a song to my beloveds, however I did compose instrumental songs on the piano for them. So I marked that as "once or twice, a few times" on the poll, as there are two of those songs total (one for my late wife, and one for the hinge of the V I'm in). The title of each song is the name of the lady it's dedicated to.

Unfortunately, I never got good enough on the piano to play the songs anywhere near like they ought to be played. I used computer music writing programs to compose them, so I was able to extract them into MIDI format and they can be heard played rather well by the computer. Not *quite* as expressive as a human (like me) would like to do it, but pretty close, actually.

That's all from back in the good old days. For some reason I've lost my heart for the piano and music in general, I don't listen to much these days and haven't tinkled the ivories for like, five years. Just not feelin' it, YKWIM? but of all the songs I've ever composed (perhaps fifty or so?), those two songs remain my favorite compositions (heck, two of my favorite songs ever). Lots of heart and technique went into both of those.
That was beautiful, sad, and wonderful!~ ~_^
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