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Hello there!
Thanks for people who are interested. For some reason, I think I can't send PMs, but I can receive and read them. I'd like you to give me a little bit of background information about your sex, age, orientation, how long you've been poly, relationship status, etc. The rest remains anonymous.

Please, take your time to answer each question. 2-3 minutes per question is enough. PM me your answers, and feel free to tell me about your personal experiences!

Thank you so much!

1. By being poly, how has it affected your relationships with your friends, your lovers, your family, etc?
2. Would you consider having kids? If yes, how would you picture parenting for your children? If not, why so?
3. For what reasons have you decided to become poly?
4. How does being poly affect your freedom and sex life?
5. Have you or your lovers had issues with jealousy in the past? If so, how was it dealt with?
6. What do your friends, your entourage and society in general think of you when you tell them you are polyamorous? How are/arenít they supportive?
7. Do you live with multiple lovers at once? If so, how is it to live in the same house?
8. What are the values you live by in order to make your relationships and your life better?
9. What is your opinion on monogamous relationships? What are itsí pros and cons?
10. How do you manage to be in love yet remain not too attached to anyone in particular and remain independent relationship-wise?
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