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It's not your business or responsibility what happens between these two people; that's their relationship (and boy does it sound messed up, IYAM), not yours.

What is your responsibility, however, is answering the question of whether you want to be a part of the drama caused by a guy whose idea of "poly" seems to be "cheat, until the women I'm with give up being a bitch about it". Other partners of his hating your guts pretty much comes as the logical price tag attached to this; if you choose to be part of this sitch, I suppose you will more or less have to learn sucking it up. Like it or not, you are the one he cheats on his monogamous partner with - you're having an affair that got busted open; you are not in an actual conscious, honest, and ethical polyamorous arrangement (he may well have made you think otherwise; that just makes him a douchebag, IMO). You, and you alone, can decide if being with him is worth this price.

EDIT: Checked the OP again, apparently it's not exactly an "affair that got busted open"; sorry, I got that bit wrong... still, it all sounds so lacking in informed, honest consent that it might as well be.

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Correction -- he could dump her any time. He just doesn't, and blameshifts. [etc.]
Also, this post. All of it.

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