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Cool Hello, hola and hi

Hi all..

Just thought I'd pipe up...

Poly {for me} has been an ideal more than a lifestyle. After my divorce a 8 yrs ago, I've stayed out of serious relationships to figure myself out.. I never questioned my ability to be actively in love with more than one person, but what was gonna happen from there was the issue. Obviously I couldn't have 2 husbands..

Amazingly enuf, the person who eventually introduced me to the poly label was someone i'd refused to "share" many many years ago. In '07 He suggested i check this site out . I lurked for a while and have found myself back again.

Anyway... intros shouldn't be long winded so i'll say that u will be seeing my name more often because i've already pegged a few discussions i wanna lend 2 cents to.
and hopefully when i start posting my own conflicts.. we 'blind' can stumble in the dark together.

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