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I'm in a "closed poly-fi hetero MFM V." Closed and polyfidelitous in the sense that we do not have sex outside the bounds of our three-person unit. However, we're not closed to the idea of growing to a four-person unit (such as an N) or what have you. However, a new person wouldn't be added quickly and all four of us would need to get along well. And, none of us are looking for anyone new to date, so we'll probably always be "just a V."

Our three people are:
  • brother-husband (one arm of the V and legally wedded to snowbunny)
  • snowbunny (the hinge of the V and legally wedded to brother-husband)
  • kdt26417 (I, me, the other arm of the V and author of this post)
We've been friends since about 1995, together as a V since early 2006, and handfasted on August 30 of 2009.

This V is the first time any of us have tried on a poly life for size. We were all monogamous prior to that. Our first few years as a V were, well, turbulent, but we have thankfully settled since then into a state of boring poly bliss.
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