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Arrow Hello Everyone! New, rejoining humanity

Hello! I was once a really outgoing lady, lost that, but i'm working on regaining some of that. At the moment however, really lonely. I have no close friends to talk to. I go out and speak to people all the time, but I close up somehow. I am interested in making friends and partners, but I must be putting off some kind of 'don't talk to me' vibe out in the world. So, I have turned to the internet!

So, my situation, was in 5+yrs monogamous relationship. Our relationship was technically open for quite a while, but both of us being awesomely awkward hadn't found anyone to exercise that. I was first. I have been casually seeing someone for the last six monthish. I need more. More people. more communication. So here I am on the internet, where I will become more comfortable talking about life and sex. Another goal would be friendship/partners, but talking comes first for me, so looking forward to being an active member on here (I <i>do</i> have some hand problems, so if I'm forced to lurk and not type sometimes, I apologize in advance:P)
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