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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
It is a kid/convenience thing. Butch is an awesome Dad and actually the more compassionate parent due to his work schedule if we were to divorce he would only see them less than 8 days a month and that is not acceptable.. I am not a man and can't teach little boys to be men. That hour or 2 before they go to school is very important. My children do not need their world ripped apart.

His obsession with BDSM is my only complaint. It is apart of who he is and how he functions in this life in an intimate relationship. He has this need I can not fill.
Obsessing? Does he ever actually talk to other mature people into BDSM, who have managed to incorporate their way of thinking while living with someone who isn't? Seems Butch could use some perspective on how not to carry on with non-bdsm inclined people - might help him channel things better.
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