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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Had an ok day with Butch. Things were going well recently with him respecting my boundaries. Today not so much. Started the morning with him requesting some sort of fetish play or etc for doing household duties.

I came home from work tired and nauseated after work from a migraine. Just needed him to get the boys off to school. That's it.

He just doesn't get that Bdsm, his fetish crap and etc makes me feel dirty used down right sick to my stomach. It has been over 12 years and my feelings haven't changed. He gets upset that we don't have intimacy on any level like I do with Murf. Sorry dude you destroyed my trust in you years ago when you disrespected my feelings. Long before Murf ever fell into my life.

Work was sooooooo slow last night. But that isn't a bad thing since we are an emergency center. He is picking up overtime on Tuesday. I understand why but it does suck.

I won't probably get to see Murf until next weekend.
Why are you still married and living with him if you feel and think this way? Convenience/kids thing?
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