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I saw Kip twice this week, which was lovely. He is busy at work next week so I won't get to see him. He has been super helpful with my class assignments, both times I saw him I had him to fill out another questionnaire for me and explain the answers. Hopefully the next class won't have so much reflecting involved. My brain is a little frazzled.

Prof; where are we with that? Thursday was very fun, some great bd play, great sex, lots of chatting. I avoided the relationship topics like the plague. But it would appear I need to go down that path after all. There was one moment where he said he wanted to take me to an event early next year, but I couldn't say anything about it. I gave him the raised eyebrow look, and he said, that's right I am not going to do that anymore...( refer to activities as veto worthy)
He came round last night and as we were scheduling the next couple of weeks, including the weekend trip, he said I hope this works out and you don't break up with me again.

There was something else about he miss me a lot if we did we break up. I was very tired and didn't want to get into that subject, but on reflection I can see that he was hurt and insecure and needs a little reassurance.
I need to clarify that I didn't break up with him, I broke up with the rules dangling over my head.

The popping over has become quite regular. He lives about 10 minutes away. Once the kids are asleep I text him. He comes around about 8:30- 9pm, we chat, watch an episode of tv, he pushes the sectional together so we can sit with feet up and hold hands, then off he goes about 10:30pm. No sex. It's quite nice. I can't leave the house anyway so I am not spending a kid free night indoors, which we would drive me loopy.

I had plans to meet Yo this weekend, but had to cancel due to flaky ex. We might do a joint kid activity tomorrow, the weather is lovely.

I hate cancelling and rescheduling due to flaky ex. It makes me look unreliable. I just can't afford any extra sitter fees right now, so cancelling or taking the kids are the only options.

I stupidly told the ex that I would not be available to cover the weekend of the 12th, it is my birthday and I said I am going away and will split any sitter fees with him.( birthday money) When will I learn! I could see the wheels turning.

So far the list of fuck up Atlantis' plans, has included; his father having emergency surgery, not true, one of the kids needing a trip to the emergency room, not true, kid sick and crying wants to go home, not true, failure of me to correctly notifying him of overseas trip, therefore would not return the kids in time for the flight. I had to get the sheriff involved with that one. Or the favored classic, not to turn up at all, no phone call no message.

Stupid stupid me.
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