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Default Am I The Only One Who Thinks That Shaven Faced and Body Humans Look Alien?

Well, am I?~

There is just some thing weird about looking at baby-smooth-faced men, it's like looking at a big bug-shaped-head looking weird alien thing.~ There's just some thing weird about looking at a full grown adult Human male without a mane.~

This goes for shaving or even trimming really short any fur (yes Humans have fur, calling it 'hair' is simply a battle of semantics fought over pure Human arrogance and narcissism) part of the natural Human body.~

Like shaven legs some times are sexy like a slimy alien creature, but at other times they seem pedophiliac and are repulsive, that goes double for completely shaven genitals male AND female.~

I just look around all the time and wonder what the Human species would look like if they weren't so weird and unnatural looking and instead looked all natural?~

Just to be clear, what I mean by 'mane' is when they never shave and trim their hair upon their entire head and the neck, so their top-head hair and their beard fuse into one becoming a 'mane'.~

This thread isn't about shaving the Human genitals specifically, but more about how weird looking shaven faces and in general look for Humans as a whole species.~

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