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Originally Posted by Alhena View Post
I'm curious what people call their lovers -to others i mean. how do you introduce your primary or secondaries? what title do they have when you mention them casually to coworkers and acquaintances.

Is it lover? or boy/girlfriend? or husband/wife/spouse? partner? Is it a differant introduction when more than one of your partners is present? how do you respond to questions from people if more than one of your partners is present or they know your married but you introduce another partner?

what are your thoughts?
Interestingly enough my SO (for lack of a better term) and I struggle with this. Right now, there is only he and I, but we are open to possibilities. (We are both coming out of the same failed triad, and he his marriage.) We love each other deeply, but do not seem to share romantic love. (Honestly, I really never have. Forgive me, but I find the whole fairy tale love rather juvenile.) the most accurate description of our relationship is best friends. But that belies the depth of feeling for each other and the sexual component. It's been difficult for us to find one term that describes the nature of our relationship.

Lately, he has been referring to me as his playmate, which makes giggle.
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