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There are apparently quite a few mono people dating poly people and I'm told it can work out just fine.

I do find the concept of a poly person who will not tolerate their partner also being poly to be hypocritical and controlling... but it's still technically poly.
Yep. I'm poly and my husband is mono. So far, so good.

At the veeeeerrrrry beginning, I had a short-lived thought that I really wanted my husband to stay mono, because I wouldn't be able to handle him dating anyone. Then I looked in the mirror and said, yeah, I'm not going to be THAT person. If I believe poly is right and good, then why in the world would I deny it to the man I love most in the world? It's controlling and just wrong on so many levels. I honestly believe now I'll feel awesome compersion for him, if he decides to look for another partner. He has decided to stay mono so far, but not for lack of me encouraging him, that's for sure!
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