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Re (from Marcus):
"The theory of evolution has mountains of factual evidence to support the claims of how organisms evolve."
True, true.

"The general theory of evolution is not a story, it is a Scientific Theory."
Well let's just say I think of it as a true story. Scientific Theory as well.

Re (from Marcus):
"I would say that people should be skeptical toward beliefs, investigate beliefs, and decide if the assertions supporting said belief are valid. If the assertions backing up said belief turn out to be lacking or absent entirely then the belief is deserving of the respect it has earned ... none."
Fair enough. We have a shortage of critical thinking in our world (in my estimation). Perhaps what I mean is trying to steer clear of "ad hominem" territory; that is, having respect for people per se (provided they're humane, sincere, and stick to their values even if some are misguided). I would also say that subjective thinking is useful for analyzing emotions; objective thinking is useful for seeking empirical truth.

"When I encounter someone who is mean or violent in expressing their viewpoints I get the hell away from them. However, as the Westboro Baptist lunatics don't represent the common Christian, it is safe to say that these alleged 'angry atheists' don't represent atheists."
Which is actually a good example of the "ad hominem" caution. Just because a (small) portion of a belief group uses meanness or violence to advance their viewpoints, doesn't mean the whole belief group is deserving of criticism.

Re: Dawkins ... I guess I'll just have to hear more of what he has to say before I make any character judgments. Apparently he is a "like him or hate him" type of guy.

Re: the Bible ... it's been awhile but I did read it cover to cover as an adolescent. I think it contains things that defy scientific understanding (e.g. the Sun froze in its position in the sky for an hour so the good guys could beat the bad guys before sundown -- just one of many examples). If you want to say, "Well, much of the Bible is a metaphor," I guess that's fine. But I still think it leaves some unanswered questions (such as why God was so vengeful in the Old Testament).

As a Latter-day Saint, I also read the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price cover to cover, but I reckon that's getting a little off-topic. I'm just saying, the LDS church considers all of those to be Scripture too.
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