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Originally Posted by MsChristy View Post
Sounds like you should at least give it a try, since you admit your wife prefers face to face support and learning as opposed to on-line like you do. Before I was poly, I was actively involved in the public BDSM communities in two different cities (I had moved mid-involvement). While I am still into BDSM, and got good things out of being involved at the time, me and my husband have ultimately decided we prefer not to be involved in the public scene due to the drama and immaturity. However, not all public scenes are like this. You and your wife may find the local poly scene to offer a great deal of support and guidance. I would go into it with an open mind.
Thank you McChristy, this sounds like good advice. While this whole thing pushes my comfort zone, the meetings seem like they should be a positive experience, at least for her. I agreed to go, mostly to show my support in her and to give it a chance that I'll gain something by the effort also. Here's hoping that our local poly meetings will not be too much like your BDSM ones though.

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