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Default First Poly-Group Meeting(s)

So my wife has made contact with two or three Poly groups in our area and asked me to attend to learn more. For some reason this is causing me more nerves than it seems that it should.

The first is this evening in a very small gathering in a local coffeeshop. I believe it us, the hostess, a single person, and is not expected to last more than two hours. It makes me a little nevrous that this is in a semi-public setting for discussing what to me is a very personal subject. I'm guessing that it will be difficult to comfortably open up there.

The second is in a few weeks in a home and is expected to have up to 30 people attend, is a potluck, and is eexpected to last for at least a few hours. The hostess read my wife's description of our situation and wanted me to know that they'll be a few other mon/poly couples there and may enjoy speaking with them. At least a larger group offers an opportunity to either blend in or engage as I choose.

The only person I'll know at either event is my wife. She has been reluctant to visit a poly forum or look at the resources recommended by participants here, but prefers learning face to face. My preference has been to learn by reading.

I feel like I'm going in blind with no idea what to expect or even what the proptocols are for such meetings. Hoping to get throught them okay and maybe learn some.

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