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Default Sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity

When pressed for my sexual orientation I typically state that I am Bisexual. It’s easy for the average person to understand, accept, and not ask what i mean. However I relate more closely with Pansexuality.

I have read a little bit about “Third Gender”, but this label does not apply to me, neither does it bother me to have an intimate relationship with someone who identifies their own gender as “third”. I recently discovered the label Polysexuality which I can relate to. However I have come to recognize that the term for my gender identity/sexuality is more closely described by pansexuality.

In my late teens and early twenties I first began to acknowledge that I was Bisexual. Looking back on my school years I recognized certain relationships with the same biological sex as being a crush (or having more meaning than just best friends) on my end. Kuroi and I figured this out in talking about my feelings surrounding the end of a long close friendship (same bio-sex) before Kuroi and I became involved. Kuroi accepted my bisexuality; however this was not something I was able to explore due to family/new child responsibilities taking precedence. I have only started relating to pansexuality in the last 4 or 5 years.

Kuroi identifies as straight, or heterosexual. But in some ways can be classified as Heteroflexible. Kuroi is not sexually aroused by same bio-sex interactions, but is not adverse to holding hands, giving/receiving massages, and kissing between Kuroi and a person of the same bio-sex. So Kuroi is ok with some (many) homosexual interactions, but would not be ok with homosexual sex.

I on the other hand have no such adverse response, I’m all for homosexual sex for myself, or for Kuroi (if Kuroi were interested), or for anyone who wants that in their life.

Perhaps this also explains my decision to remove gender pronouns/gender identity from my posting.
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