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​​I do not believe that Kuroi and I have shared ​the details of our past polyamorous ​experiances​ with Momoiroi​, we only recently recognized them as such. However Momoiroi is fully aware of our recent polyamorous endeavor. The ups and the downs. Momoiroi was not part of the worst of the drama, but saw enough to know it can be both wonderful, and very very emotional.

I’m not sure how to describe the current state of my Poly. I suppose you could still call it a V. But neither of the legs is as solid as that sounds. You might say that one leg is faded, and not so solid, and the other is more like a dotted line. For a while both dyad relationship had primary status. Now only one holds that claim (see my meanings in my blog for clarity and understand of what “primary” means to me). My Long-term partner and I ar​​e committed to correcting our relationship.
Me - Murasaki - Bi/pan
Kuroi - Straight (LTR 22+ years, married/fwb)
Momoiroi - child of Murasaki & Kuroi

Kimidori - Kuroi's SO

My lovers - Darkness & Mysteriousness (2+ years)
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