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Hello Vicarious,

You like most of the participants on this forum are much further along on your poly journey so will differ with interest to their comments.

That said my wife and I share a few of the aspects you mentioned. While we both have high libidos, and are active nearly every night and frequently twice a day, she has a still higher sexual capacity and desire. Earlier in our relationship she had notions of wanting to share me with a close friend of her’s. While I was physically drawn to the notion, I didn’t feel that I could attempt this in good conscience since I liked her as a friend, and didn’t know that I loved her like I did my wife.

More recently my wife has expresses her desire for another man both for sex and to love, both to meet her excess sexual drive, and yearning for additional relationship aspects. Only because I recognize the validity of her desires and know her enduring love for me are we now contemplating her finding a bf.

I’m at the point where I feel very protective of her and doubt the worthiness and motives of her potential suitors, and resistance to losing time and attention from her should one arrive, balanced against by desire to see her as happy and fulfilled as possible. She’s concluded from this exercise that I’m “poly wired” and she’s “poly-wired”.

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