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Originally Posted by Vexed View Post
Sorry, didn't mean to leave out the common-law marriage people!
I'm hoping our physical separation right now will make it easier to deal with these difficult topics in a way that's not so emotionally heated. It's given us both time to understand who we are individually, I hope.

Yeah, it is sad about the environment our son is in... Poor guy, he even tries to play peacemaker when he senses that we're angry at each other....
I distinctly remember, even though my parents never got divorced, when they had some really tough times, it had a real affect on me. I have mentioned in other threads I am really aware of my fight or flight instinct. When my parents started fighting, and it felt like they were seperating I became really violent as a kid. They thought I wasn't aware of what was going on but I could tell. At 10 to 13 they ended up including me in conversations about money and other things. This helped a lot. It was a suggestion from the counselor we were all seeing together and individually.

Obviously this changes per situation (age etc) but it helped me a lot to at least know what was going on.
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