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Last night Redpepper and I went to an Erotica show to support the PEERS program (essentially Sex Trade Worker health/education/assistance I believe). We had a great time and a chat with a friend of mine who now does burlesque shows. I think a seed has been planted in Redpepper's mind about doing burlesque

While we were there I got a friendly and unexpected message from my ex-wife offering the opportunity for me to pick up tools, books and essentially anything else I want as she is selling the house. This was very exciting to me because when I left I only felt the need to take my bike, truck and my torque wrench LOL!! She even seemed open to having Redpepper come by with me to help.

Before the show, RP and I went to visit a local leatherworker to order her a belt as her b-day gift from her husband. Redpepper shocked her a bit when she mentioned that she had a husband and a boyfriend. She was cool and it was funny for all of us I think. We're gearing up for a big public BDSM event later this month....I am sooo in for it!

Other things have been happening as well with respect to possible new connections for RP and Polynerdist which is not my information to talk about beyond that but is very cool

On the weekend we got together with a couple working through an affair and exploring poly. It was one of the most relaxing visits I have had...natural and without any agenda. I was sitting on the couch very close to Polynerdist as RP sat on the floor. I was very aware of a sense of brotherhood with him and a true sense of family for all of us.

There is some very positive energy swirling around lately and it brings with it a sense of possibility and excitement for me.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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