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In the beginning when I was fine with things, I was eager for them to develop a bond. Her and I had already spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other. I wanted them to have that too. And when they did, it made me happy. I wasn't forcing it, it just was a natural happy. I was like "You got a blow job? Yay!" "He made you cum? Yay!"

I definitely think poly is for me, for us ... we have way more good times than bad. And we've only been dating our girlfriend for 2 months. I think that hiccups will happen as you learn your way around each other in the relationship. I just want to try to be as healthy as I can be.

It's interesting to read LovingRadiance's response to the cold sore part of story, and how that so deeply effected me, stuff I didn't even think about. Very good insight - and will definitely be reflecting back to that. And thank you very much for all the useful tools and strategies to navigate through my issues/feelings.

Usually, their alone time has happened either when I'm at work or in bed sleeping. We all keep different schedules.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, for the 3 of us to reconnect. It's her birthday and I'm excited to spoil her.

I think we are in a good spot. I read a blog last night that was very helpful to me in figuring some things out about where my feelings of "left-out" come from. I'm big on trying to fix the root of the issue, because otherwise, it's gonna keep coming back.

This is the blog:
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