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A great couple of days with M!

He taught my son to play WarMachine and now we are planning to all go together to play on Sunday.

Last night we played trivia together with a friend and did really well - 2nd place most of the night until the final, which we missed so we ended up fourth. My husband plays on another team, so it was fun to beat him. Lol My failed poly relationship partner is on my husband's team, and M said he felt as though that guy was radiating a type of tension when he came over and talked to us. I didn't really notice, but M said he thought the guy was putting off a vibe like he didn't approve of M. Like, he doesn't want me back, but he would rather me not be with anyone. I thought that was interesting.

We stayed after trivia at the bar to play sex trivia, and we won! What was crazy was that near the end, this guy at the bar pulled M away from me and they were talking a little way off. I thought M knew him. It turns out the guy wanted to know if we were swingers, because he was there with two girls, and thought we would like to join them for fun! M explained that we were polyfi, but he said he didn't think the guy understood. Later, my husband said he thought the guy was prolly too drunk to understand. Lol he also wanted to know why the guy didn't ask him - he would have swapped me for two chicks! This was a joke. I think this exchange made M feel happy, because he has with me, what other people want. Interesting. Another team of all guys were flirting hard with me most of the night too. I was feeling very desirable, that's for sure.

M is such an amazing lover! I cannot even count the number of orgasms I had last night - nor describe the different intensities. It must suffice to say he is just wonderful at keeping my body buzzed. He told me today that last night was easily, easily the best sex he has ever had in his life. I am not sure why he would say that! I mean, it was an amazing session for me, but he again had difficulty achieving orgasm. It seems to cause him stress and anxiety. I try to be supportive, because for the most part, it's a win for me - our time together is fluid and fun and longer-lasting because there's no male orgasm to signal the end of our encounter. I think that is fantastic! I do believe there is an anxiety there for him though, that he is disappointing me by not being able to finish in a traditional way. I am hoping by saying that he thought it was the best sex ever he means he is feeling more relaxed about that.

He was able to finish in my mouth after taking matters in his own hands. I know he was really wanting to finish inside me, but it didn't work out that way.

Oh! My diaphragm- it worked great. My first attempt at inserting it had it all kinda wonky; I could definitely feel it was not where it was supposed to be. I had to pull it out and squatting to place it inside worked much better. I didn't feel it at all after that. Overall, it was easy.

I can't lie - I had really hoped M would be able to finish inside me. Just that something, you know, to do that. But I cannot say it was a huge letdown, because it wasn't! It will happen eventually, or not. All I know is that last night was incredible.

M is really a perfect partner for me in so many ways. He was trying to explain though, that he thinks I am out of his league, as was my ex poly partner (though he believes that guy was much, much more beneath me than I should have ever considered). I find M sexually stimulating, conversationally talented and all-around wonderful. I don't know why I wouldn't want to date him!
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