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Wow, great answers!!
I loved the poem RS.

I personally don't have this particular issue.

I'm not sure why.... I guess I've just known from an early age that control wasn't true (in terms of relationships/destiny etc)... I don't know if I was taught that concept or not, but I know that in my closest relationships I have never felt the need to try to hold on to them in any way-we just KNOW we are bonded.

Also-I don't equate sex with the deepest intimacy either. My most intensely intimate moments with one I love aren't sexual. I DO bond during sex, but that's not the deepest, most important way to bond.......

This is an issue (well THE issue) that caused the breach today between Maca and I. He can't seem to understand that in trying to keep control-he's actually distancing himself from me, and in trying NOT to let go-he's actually pushing me further from him....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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