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Default How a Broken Heart Mends Herself

How a Broken Heart Mends Herself
by - Melissa Karnaze

When the heart grieves, she does it with soul.

She doesn’t rush herself, she doesn’t stay on the surface, she doesn’t do what’s supposed to be done.

She mourns, day and night, through consciousness and sleep… for as long as it takes… to slowly trust again.

When the heart is breached, by loss, betrayal, conflict, or trauma, she feels the blow. She shakes and she trembles. And she almost forgets that she has to beat… that she has to go on, for the body, for the mind, for the Soul.
But she does, because she’s strong. And she knows what she has to do to survive.

She knows what she has to do to heal. She has to feel.

All of it. Everything. The pain. The loss. The fury. The devastation. The sudden confusion. The emptiness. The ache — that never seems to go away.
She has to feel every bit of it, so she can learn… to love again.

Because the heart, she loves. That’s why she beats.

When she’s set back, she’s set back.

And you need to step back with her.

Give her time. Give her space. Listen to her needs. Trust her pain. Hear her story. And stay by her side.

When your heart is broken, she needs you the most. She needs you to know that you’ll both be okay.

The heart is so delicate because she is strong. So strong that she can love boldly, without ever looking back. That makes her vulnerable. That means she gets hurt. But she risks getting hurt, because she was meant to love.

A broken heart will heal, with enough tears, enough hugs, enough mornings slept in, enough walks among the trees, enough talks with good friends, and enough retreats into the inner realm of realizing what you have lost, and what you never can lose.

You don’t have to mend a broken heart. You just have to nurse her. You just have to be patient, and brave, and unafraid of your sorrow.

When you do this, mindfully, your heart will mend herself.

And it will be beautiful. Because she will love again.

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