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Default Intro

Iíve been around this site/forum for a while now. So while I feel like I know a lot of the regulars here, you guys donít really know me.
Iíve learned a lot from the threads here, and from the external likes offered in suggested reading advice in posts.

Iím not entirely certain what​​ ​Iíll be sharing. I do intend to start a blog, and I have some things I want to post about in the general topics section. Iíll get to those posts eventually.
Me - Murasaki - Bi/pan
LTR SO - Kuroi - Straight (broken up-not sure what we are now)
Child of Murasaki & Kuroi - Momoiroi

In LTR of 20 years, married for 13 years to Kuroi
Didn't realize we had a poly type relationship in High school. Exploring poly again now that our Child is older.
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