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Thanks a lot for your responses and support LR and Kevin.

Yeah, I kinda get the vibe that the whole touring music business operates non-monogamously, except for the guys that straight up say they have a girlfriend. Although in some cases that still hasn't stopped them from making out with me... ha!

I'll be honest and say I've made some very poor under the influence decisions the last couple times I've slept with guys, such as not using a condom. Ughhh fuck! I'm ashamed and disappointed in myself. The problem is I drink too much, black out, and become careless. I know, it's not good. :S

I actually already own "Opening Up". Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to start carrying it around and finish reading it!

To answer your question: I realized I was into poly back in 2011 when I was in my first monogamous relationship. I flirted with another guy on the internet, and my boyfriend got extremely jealous and hurt over it. I didn't understand how it was wrong, and felt really tied down. We broke up, and a couple years later I was dating another guy monogamously. Even though I enjoyed our relationship a lot, I still had desires to cuddle, kiss, and sleep with others... there you have it!
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