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Default I feel I need to come clean

about my position, my main problem with Dawkins is that from what I have seen from his interviews and the excerpts of his books that I have read, he is not about science nor truth, but more about butt hurt atheists who are the mirror image of the fundamentalist right wing repent-or-you-are-going-to-hell people who fail to recognize their own hatred.

The most dangerous form of hatred is the unrecognized form

I also have a very low opinion of the associated press, and anybody who believes they are justified in spreading half-truths are out-right lies because joe public isn't capable of making the decision for himself.

Dawkins is part of the war that has been going on ever since the scientific method was devised and employed to figure out the truth behind whatever occurrence was in question. It is a completely unnecessary war between those who will fight and die because they absolutely need God to exist of their life is for naught, and it's them against those who cannot allow God to exist

It's the religious against atheists and it really is quite pathetic

Especially since the war was started over nothing but fear, as nowhere in any scriptures does it contradict science. That is the fallacy of men, men who are too full of themselves to admit when they are wrong, and big news flash for both the leaders of the church and radical atheists, you are all human and humans make mistakes

With Dawkins I have a particular problem because he appears to be supported by the same media powerhouses who have no respect for the truth, that is, they are not above lying in order to punctuate their words in order to get their point across and their message heard

which is fine, but it is NOT science

I also have very little tolerance for any proprietary religion that claims to be the only true religion, as I have no doubt from their scriptures that Christians, Jews, and followers of Islam all worship the same God

I get tired of all the points of contention that are completely fabricated by men who must be right, which means that all others are wrong. It's a disease, it's a disease that is rooted in solely the male gender, and it is the very reason the species (well actually the whole order and all species that are part of the order) who have by far the most social evolution under their belt, have had to ban the male gender from everyday life of the community

If enough males don't wise up, any social community is doomed to the cycle of boom and bust, and the sad part is the bust is completely unnecessary and happens due to behavior of those within the community, and that behavior is completely a male idiocy, nothing less, nothing more, but only the idiocy of the male gender

There is no difference between Dawkins and church leaders and believers he rails against, both are major obstacles that will have to be overcome, including the whole mentality of those that subscribe to both camps idiocy
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