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Default justifying one way or the other is completely unnecessary

and when people begin to think that the only way to have any form of alternative relationships be acceptable is when it is not a choice, it's those framed thoughts that are problematic.

You can't force people to love or not love another person -- romantic love or not makes no difference -- while there are certainly people who allow such intrusions on their freedom, there will always be people whom you cannot make life so uncomfortable that they will choose to conform. There will always be people who will follow their heart, even if it leads to death.

Most problems arise from dishonesty to those you are involved with, but when you are able to honest about your emotions and your actions, there really is no need to justify your choice. Those who are concerned may always choose not to be involved with you and have no relationship, but it really is a mistake to feel like you need a good enough reason to love as you who you want to. There are certain aspects of life which it is OK to have a preference, you don't need any other reason then because it's what you want, and if another or others are willing to accept those terms, then it really doesn't matter.

Relationships are one of those aspects where knowledgeable adults have the freedom and liberty to have complete autonomy about the details of said relationships because it is completely up to only those who are involved.

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